SINCE 2004 LCF has been doing church at Vanderbijlpark Highschool. Since inception we grew from regular attendance of +/- 40 people to regular attendance of over 200. The last 2 years especially has seen large interest in LCF courses and activities and our partner base is growing by an average of 60 adults per year. At this rate we will be outgrowing the current facilities at Vanderbijlpark High within the next year or two.


The strain on existing facilities is not only visible in the main service but also in other areas like baby facilities, children’s church, coffee areas, security, time strains with set up and pack down before and after events, etc. With increase in numbers the logistical challenges with operating on two sites is also an increasing effort with equipment having to be transported between the school and LCF on a weekly basis.

With all this in mind LCF as a cutting edge ministry is also dreaming of a better equipped stage and venue where we can have increased effectivity with our programs and events. Our vision is to a healthy and vibrant gathering of believers that impacts our families, community and the nations. We believe that with a better equipped venue we can impact in a better and larger way. We want to create an environment where we can portray the Glory of God and lead worshipers into vibrant intimacy and healthy spiritual growth.


Throughout the bible we see that God went to great lengths to have His people build Him wonderful sanctuaries. The wilderness tabernacle build by Moses, the Temple of Solomon and the coming New Jerusalem is all amazing architectural accomplishments that stood the test of time and brought great tribute to the one and only Lord of Lords and The one True God. This is our desire at LCF to build a sanctuary of worship that will be amazing in architecture, inspiring in atmosphere, warm in worship, attractive in fellowship and a space for a conscious welcoming community. We want to draw on great detail in our project as to create a full experience for believers that include our partners and visitors.




What is our plan?

We have R1 000 000 to start the project. We have to raise the rest in cash initially to start the project. lcf-barometer

How can each one of us help?

  • Pray and believe
  • Give once off financial contributions
  • Commit to a monthly contributions in addition to tithing
  • Help with building products donation or @ cost
  • Help with physical labour
  • Help with good ideas
  • Do Fundraising initiatives
  • Networking with suppliers who will bless LCF
  • Dream and believe that if you help pay Gods house, He will help you pay your house

Send us your ideas

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