“Being a healthy and vibrant gathering of believers that impacts our families, our community and the nations.”

LCF Partners


At Life Christian Fellowship we do not have church membership, we believe in the principle of PARTNERSHIP. By this we define members as those people whose hearts have been fused together with those of the LCF people and they become part of a family of God. These are people who are rooted and grounded within LCF through relationships. We encourage Christian believers who partner with LCF to take up responsibility within LCF for our vision by growing into healthy and vibrant individuals that live in healthy relationships and work with the LCF leadership to create vibrant ministry within our own families, community and in the nations.

To become a partner we ask individuals or families to find ways of connecting with LCF by regularly attending our Sunday services, being involved within our programs, and building relationships with the people of LCF. Once you feel comfortable with LCF as an organization you can attend our KUNECT PROGRAM that runs over three weeks (one evening each week) where we give a presentation of LCF as well as answer all your questions.

After Kunect, individuals who are interested in becoming partners at LCF are enrolled in a 12 week DISCIPLESHIP PROGRAM where you build relationships with new people and are guided by mentoring group leaders. It is required that you attend at least 9 of the 12 sessions in order to become a partner.

Discipleship Retreat

For individuals who have completed Discipleship, we are hosting a weekend retreat. During this retreat we will work through different Discipleship material and there will be many occasions for quiet time and reflecting.

Partners Introduction

We invite you to make a formal commitment after which we confirm and honour your partnership by introducing you, on a Sunday morning, to the community of believers and handing you a small gift as a symbol of your partnership with LCF.

Your responsibility towards LCF:

Stay tuned in and attend our programs, so that you may grow in terms of healthy relationships towards yourself, God, and others around you.
It is impossible for us to know of everyone’s pain and suffering, therefore we ask you to contact the office or speak directly with leadership when you go through a difficult time and need prayer or assistance. We are a family and want to support each other!


ReQuip is a 6 week course for LCF partners invited by LCF leadership to take part in. ReQuip is presented by two of our pastors and it is a program that defines how LCF understands biblical principles regarding church, church leadership and practical management.

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Dit is ‘n boekie met 12 lesse wat jy deurwerk saam met ‘n groepie vriende. Dit behels lering rakende die wese van dissipelskap en leer mense om in ‘n dinamiese verhouding met Jesus te leef deur te luister na die Woord van God, die hantering van seer in jou lewe, die afgooi van maskers, die versadiging van ons dors na geluk en vrede en die vestiging van ons identiteit as kinders van die Here. Wanneer jy deur module 1 met 12 lesse gewerk het, is daar ook die opsie om module 2, 3 & 4 te doen wat ook uit 12 lesse elk bestaan. Die dissipelskap 1 kursus word gedoen deur almal wat vennootskap met LCF wil betree, maar daarna kan dit op eie inisiatief gedoen word deur belangstellendes. Enige persoon kan ‘n groepie inisieer en die dissipelskap kursus doen. Al wat LCF vereis is dat elke groepie geregistreer word by die LCF kantoor en dat die voorgangers iemand moet wees wat reeds deur dissipelskap 1 gewerk het.