Pastoral Team and Elders of the church

In LCF we believe that God calls people into leadership. Firstly He calls a visionary leader like Moses or David. Then He leads the visionary leader to invite other leaders alongside to assist in pastoring and leading the people. Thus we have formed our pastoral team on this principal. We further call on mature Christian people who are relationally and actively involved within LCF to join the council of elders. The elders give stability and strength to our organisation. The organisation is also legally and financially administered and guided through a board of directors.

Pastoral Team

Sakkie: Apostoliese Senior Pastoor

Friedel: Uitvoerende Senior Pastoor

Anton: Operasionele Senior Pastoor

Dannha: Pastoor

Jacques: Assistent Pastoor

Council of Elders

An LCF Elder is a mature, humble, stable and passionate servant-leader who loves a holy and hospitable life and stands up for the truth and Christian values.

An LCF Elder’s function is to:

  • Protect the stability of the Church
  • Protect the Unity of the Church
  • Gives protection to the decisions and strategy of the Pastoral committee
  • Protect the boundaries of the Church on a truthful Biblical basis

The LCF Elders are: Jaco & Minette Visser, Lars & Tiekie Steyn, André & Reneé Vermeulen, Willem & Lorraine Nelson, Johann & Jankie Peek and Eugene & Odette Jensen.

Corporate Committee

Lars Steyn (Lead Independent Non-Executive Director)
Ellen Grobler (Administrator)
André Vermeulen (Elder Member)
Johann Peek (Elder Member)